Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teddy Gets a Home

An Update on Teddy The Junkyard Dog

Teddy, the emergency foster dog that was "supposed" to stay only overnight and ended up sharing our home for almost six weeks has found a forever home.


It really is a wonderful match, a snarffy, snuggly, rough 'n tumble Rottie-mix and a twenty-something dude who loves the outdoors, jogging, hiking, and driving with the windows down. The dude is a friend's brother, so that means Teddy and I get to stay connected.

Teddy has learned his basic commands and how to socialize with other dogs. I saw him last week and was greeted with his signature snarfing as he tried to shove his big head under my hand for a pat. It took a lot of control on my part not to give in until he sat down. Being able to run around with other dogs during socialization means less nervous energy. Because of that, Teddy has started to relax more. He is getting stronger with 'sit', 'leave it', and 'wait'. Teddy also has a trusted stuffed 'baby' that he carries around and sleeps with.

He is already a good dog.

But now I know he's going to be a great dog.

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