Saturday, November 12, 2011

BSL resources

For all the SAVE ACE folks and anyone who is looking for more information about Breed Specific Legislation:

What (Not) To Say

The Problem With Dog Bite Studies

DNA vs. Visual Breed Identification (Why Visual Breed Identification is (87.5%) Wrong)

Pick out the Pit Bull

BSL is Statistically Ineffective

BSL Allows Owners to be Irresponsible

Myths and Facts

Pit Bull Rescue Central's Statement on Breed Specific Legislation

Hello Bully's Presentation on BSL: The Facts

Best Friend's Cost Calculator: Fiscal Impact of BSL

Pit Bull 101: Humane Education

The Pit Bull Placebo:

Media Bias

What BSL Teaches Us About Profiling

Effective Legislation:

Model Law

Position Statements from Organizations

The Truth Behind Merritt Clifton Studies

The Truth Behind and Founder Colleen Lynn

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